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lauantai 6. huhtikuuta 2013

White Guilt is a fiction

White Guilt is a fiction

The finnish political left has again been activated and outraged by the tax reforms in the Government’s budget proposal that would benefit business activities and entrepreneurs. The most known of these reforms is the radical reduction of the corporate tax to the same level with other EU- countries. While the left is eager to remind us of the 900 million euro deficit it will create, they graciously overlook public development aid, that surpasses the deficit created by a whopping 200 million.

Development aid is a sacred cow for the left, that supports a semblance of fiscal responsibility, for they see the european standard of living as the result of financial exploitation of developing countries and “imperialistic” policies. The rather dubious guilt could somehow be understood if the blame was directed only at the former colonial powers, but demanding joint white liability from finns is sheer absurdism.

Many progressive lefties strive to consciously forget Finland’s national history of being a colony for two different masters that tried to suppress the national language, culture and pride. The finnish people were equated with inferior mongols who could never rule over an independent state. The racial theories of finns genetical inferiority remained until the end of the Second World War, even when finns had managed to create one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies and being the only Axis state that retained their independence.

Where Finland suffered from a severe famine during the first years of it’s independence, it developed into one Europe’s wealthiest states without a single colony or “imperialistic” policies in a century. The finnish wealth was created with a combination of capitalism, modesty and diligence that transformed a modern industrial tiger out of a backwards and famished lumber exporter. Due to the Finland’s poverty every persons labor input was required whose logical conclusion was a democratic and civilized civil society. Similar success stories were also experienced by USA and South Korea, all of who surpassed their former colonial masters wealth. Each example is linked by a bloody civil war, rebuilding and current prosperity.

A completely different development happened in Africa and the Middle East, as unlike Finland and South Korea, all of these states had a groundwork for infrastructure and european education system, that removed the extremely important period of rebuilding. Without any shared national efforts there can be no shared national sentiment. This lack of cohesion provides a good framework for a military dictatorship or a primitive tribal society. A rare contemporary document tells the tragic tale of what happened in many african states during the decolonization period in the 1960ies. The european withdrawal from the region only opened a passage for drug trafficking, military coups and poaching, not for greater welfare in these new free states. Contrary to what many believe today, Africa wasn’t suffering from widespread diseases, famines and civil wars before decolonization.

The outrageous squandering of their own natural resources, the unabashed debauchery of the military juntas and the racism that led to genocides are in this respect completely futile to shift the blame on europeans, least of all on finns who had no part to play in causing these problems to africans.

Guilt-tripping white people isn’t only tied to African history, for at the moment it’s happening in it’s most flagrant form in the United States, where white guilt is the result of leftist brainwashing. In some situations, white guilt is so deeply rooted that even the statements of Black Panthers seen in this post’s picture do not cross the news treshold. The American journalist Jared Taylor often deals with white guilt in his internet publication, “American Renaissance”, that strives to collect cases where violence or hate speech are used against white people. In one of his videos Taylor talks about the anti-white racism in American universities that has instigated the black population on committing numerous acts of senseless violence against innocent people. The victim’s only mistake was being born white.

The collective shame and guilt of the white race isn’t completely unknown in Finland either, for it is one of the goals of the left besides blaming people for having the wrong gender and religion., a website run by left-wing anarchists has a list, with which a white person can fight against racism.

1. Think about your own privileges. Are you white? Do you have a finnish-sounding name? Do you speak finnish without an accent? If you do, then you won’t probably face racism. So don’t think
that you know how it feels, does it exist at all or what can be done about it. Ask from those who have experience on it!

2. Don’t cry. White guilt is born when a man realizes that he is a part, perhaps even benefits from a discriminatory social order. It is unreasonable to pour this anguish over someone who has to live with racism every day. You can act instead of wallowing in misery!

From all of this we can deduct these theses of corruption:

1. A white person is bad.
2. A white person is always guilty.
3. However, the white race doesn’t exist, so there’s no need for being proud about it.
4. A white person can be a member of the “oppressed class” by being a member of a sexual minority or a woman.
5. A white person can be redeemed of his inherent wretchedness only by accepting all the words and deeds that are against very existence. A white person has no right to complain.

Personally, I’m white, straight and male. I don’t have an iota of shame because of my innate characteristics and the more I’m blamed for them, the prouder I am. I am a minority on a global scale, and I demand equal treatment in this matter and the right for white people to feel pride of their own roots. No-one should be ashamed of the attributes they’ve been given at birth.

translated by Cletus Lewis

Tuukka Kuru

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